We at Algofusion  deliver  next generation business driven, enterprise level software products and services focused on the Banking ,  Financial Services and Corporate Financial sector across the world.

At Algofusion, we understand the global market eco system and of our customers demands to leverage their technology investments, we bring innovation and bring the best in class of technology solution

Leadership Team

Algofusion’s team  bring together decades of experience in technology, financial services and compliance supported by some of the innovative and committed young talent in areas of Data Science, High Performance Computing, AI, Banking and Financial Services.


Sreedhar V Maddipati

Sreedhar is Co-Founder of Algofusion Technologies, focusing on building the niche Financial Services Products & Solutions. Sreedhar has vast experience of 20+ years in the  areas  of IT services, Products Delivery and consulting .  He drives the Algofusion’s  overall Company Products roadmap , product strategy and brings in business consulting expertise in Banking & Financial Services.


Shiv Shankar J

Shiva is co-founder of Algofusion Technologies,  drives the complete Product strategy and Technology innovation.

Shiva is also a Co-founder and CTO of HashInclude Computech Private Limited, a company that specializes in Real time Communications, Cloud Scaling, Video Processing and Machine Learning. Shiva holds a Master’s degree in Software Engineering, from Birla Institute of Technology, Pilani and B.Tech from NIT.

Shiva as innovation leader , has been issued 15 U.S. patents in electric digital data processing technologies and has over 16 years of experience in IT Industry. He is passionate about technological innovation, software development, rock music and travel.


Jayaram Turlapati

Jayaram is co-founder of Algofusion Technologies, a thorough leader with  proven expertise in management of IT establishments and several other organizations holding responsibility for client relationship management, Business & IT Strategy, mentoring & leadership. He brings in his vast experience to Algofusion in shaping up the company vision, overall product innovation and helps in  establishing key stakeholder management.  He’s responsible for advising the board, influence corporate direction, strategy & policy and ensure client satisfaction.